CoreIntegrator Workflow: Real-Time Budget Validation

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CoreIntegrator Workflow: Real-Time Budget Validation

CIO VendorTom Erickson, Division President
An air of profoundness surrounds Tom Erickson during a conversation on the accounts payable (AP) landscape. Having mastered the art of managing AP, Tom Erickson leads CSSI’s CoreIntegrator Division to automate AP and control purchase requests through real-time budget validation. Highlighting the challenges affecting AP, he mentions that multiple stages of manual invoice approvals and absence of control at each stage not only slow the process down but also increase costs. Further, as a payback area, AP has a myriad of options to control expenses such as avoiding late payment penalties and prevention of payment fraud or even data entry automation. With enterprises today seeking to minimize expenses, greater caution is expected of AP departments to exercise control over purchases before monetary remittances are made. CoreIntegrator Workflow stands out in being able to inform AP about whether a purchase requisition can be approved. “We provide immediate feedback when a person completes a purchase requisition about whether or not funds are available,” says Division President, Erickson.

CoreIntegrator Workflow is a cloud-based workflow automation application on the Microsoft Azure platform designed specifically for AP departments. Through a Microsoft Azure environment, CoreIntegrator Workflow ensures round-the-clock availability of systems, redundancy, backup, and rapid deployment of solutions, allowing AP to enjoy an end-to-end solution for both purchase order (PO) and non-PO-based invoice matching processes. “We ensure that only right people get to approve the requests for the right type of invoice involved,” says Scott Reidmiller, Senior Vice President, CoreIntegrator Division. CoreIntegrator Workflow also provides users control and visibility of the location and status of every invoice due for approval. It also features a vendor portal to allow vendors to submit and track the status of their invoices electronically. Real-time budget validation, the hallmark feature of CoreIntegrator Workflow, routes a purchase requisition through a conventional approval process when budgetary allocation is available for the particular PO. Purchase requests that match against budgets are refined further by CoreIntegrator and put through a justification or a budget reallocation process, thereby giving management the confidence of optimized expenditure.

Scott Reidmiller, Senior Vice President
Being easily customizable, CoreIntegrator Workflow suits a variety of workflows for purchase requisition approval based on amount, department, and location. Two-way or three-way automatic invoice matching based on the nature of the PO is also enabled through CoreIntegrator’s optical character recognition technology. The application can be easily expanded to include general ledgers, check requests, and journal entries that add to the overall productivity of AP and finance departments.

We provide immediate feedback when a person completes a purchase requisition about whether or not funds are available

The highly flexible and feature-rich CoreIntegrator Workflow application turned out to be a boon for Nexion Health Management (NHM), a premier healthcare company operating several nursing homes across the U.S. NHM’s redundant and decentralized AP process presented major challenges, following which the company implemented CoreIntegrator to centralize all activities. In a short period of time, the consolidation of AP activities reduced the staffing requirements to manage a growing volume of invoices within the AP.

With CoreIntegrator Workflow being well-received in the industry, Erickson’s Division is working toward rolling out an upgraded version— CoreIntegrator version 4.0—aimed at boosting workflow, personal productivity, and group collaboration. CoreIntegrator 4.0 would also feature an enhanced workflow design and management, besides a new level of e-forms that transcends conventional modes of usage. CSSI is also engaged in bringing ground-breaking utilities using adaptive workflow technology, where workflows become user-focused and change with everyday scenarios to improve AP workflow efficiency.