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Computhink: Business Transformation Experts

CIO VendorBrent Vignola, Controller
The financial world continues to see digital advancements every day. New technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, with data streaming in from everywhere and thousands of new devices released every year. No matter what industry or an organizational structure is, there is a need to automatically funnel, control, and process financial and accounting information effectively. Computhink’s digital solution Contentverse Enterprise Content Management enables the realization of that goal at a very affordable price. Deployed on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, Computhink’s digital solutions combine multiple user access options with integrations for key financial applications.

Computhink has established a reputation for dynamic solutions with a generous feature set over years in the industry. “Computhink products have evolved with technology advancements and the growing needs of a wide variety of markets,” says Joseph Wharram, President, Computhink. “Contentverse is extremely flexible and solves accounting process challenges common to any environment.” Through the solution, accounts payable documents can be scanned, electronically saved, or generated by third party applications in any format, and saved into Contentverse where they are easily searched and made accessible for collaboration. Access is dependent on security settings, providing complete control over what users can and cannot do.

“Every finance and accounting department would benefit from the use of Contentverse,” says Computhink Controller, Brent Vignola. “Contentverse allows the digital storage of all source documents, like vendor invoices or purchase orders, into one single document.

This document is organized by customer, vendor, or document type, such as vendor quote, purchase request form, purchase order, or vendor invoice.” Vignola continues by explaining how the documents can be easily searched based on quote or invoice number, or by customer or vendor. This is all possible without the need to spend countless valuable hours trying to locate a physical document, which was most likely returned by someone to the wrong place in a filing cabinet, inside another document, never to be found again.

“Contentverse includes highly granular security and encrypts files during storage,” adds Wharram, “ensuring your important documents are kept out of the wrong hands while maintaining viability for review and bookkeeping. It even provides real-time automated notifications of actions and optional digital signature solutions.” Contentverse comes fully equipped with rules-based workflow, designed to imitate, automate, and accelerate everyday processes. Simply drag a purchase order or invoice to a folder, and it is automatically routed to appropriate individuals for edits, approvals, and digital signing. Documents can be secured, actioned, and archived for subsequent retrieval as needed.

For many industries, the ability to securely process high volumes of accounts payable documents with little or no manual input is fundamental. With Contentverse’s automated capture and processing, companies can realize quantum leaps in productivity. “Retention policies can also be implemented for vendor contracts,” says Vignola. “Retention policies in Contentverse allow you to effectively manage the life cycle of the contracts. For example, an internal alert system will send a notification that a contract needs to be reviewed or modified prior to its expiration. It can even be set up to go directly into a workflow.” All of these features come standard in Contentverse, giving accounts payable teams all of the tools they need to completely control the organization and flow of their documents.

Computhink has and continues to develop and deliver market solutions to solve real life, document-centered challenges for large financial institutions, accounting firms, and internal accounting teams. Joe Wharram closes with, “We will continue to evolve and grow our digital solution offerings around customer needs, governmental and industry regulatory requirements, and related technology developments.”