P2D: Transforming Invoice Processing

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P2D: Transforming Invoice Processing

CIO VendorRobin Colla, CEO
For Robin Colla, CEO at paper2data (P2D), metrics and dollars aren’t the only yardsticks to measure success. As he’s navigated the UK-based business services company specializing in document solutions, Colla has been honing in on the cogs that keep the machine running— happy customers. Evidently, Colla and his team at P2D are on their toes to facilitate unprecedented levels of efficiency and also substantial cost savings for their clients through years of investment in Artificial Intelligence for invoice processing. In an ambitious bid to transform invoice automation, P2D brings in a combination of state-of-the-art AI, and intelligent Purchase-to-Pay modules for businesses of any size. “Our aim is to help our customers increase their efficiency and reduce their costs with the aid of a cutting-edge, yet affordable, web platform,” says Robin Colla, Chief Executive Officer, P2D.

Clearly their approach is working, as the company proudly provides an incredible 100 percent accuracy guarantee with its invoice processing service. Having pioneered AP solutions powered by AI some 15 years ago, P2D has harnessed its experience to devise a future-proof solution that caters to the needs of today and tomorrow, while maturing with the changing trends in the industry. The company brings in a combined solution that includes e-invoicing and invoice processing via AI extraction, along with full Purchase-to-Pay workflow modules and management systems for clients who currently struggle with suppliers sending paper and emailed invoices. The combination of both AI-powered data capture and e-invoicing renders complete flexibility to the client in its pursuit of automation. Whilst achieving huge success in the UK hospitality, facilities management and retail sectors (P2D counts Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant empire amongst its clients), the company caters for any industry and size of customer, offering Purchase-to-Pay industry best practices even to businesses handling low order/invoice volumes.

We believe P2D’s service delivery has a perfect balance of cutting-edge innovation in AI and highly-personalized levels of customer support

One of the most important factors behind the flexibility of the P2D solution is its modular format and ability to integrate with any finance or ERP system. Moreover, Colla mentions that P2D are frequently chosen to supply their invoice processing and Purchase-to-Pay solutions where clients already have access to similar technologies within their big-ticket ERP systems, but prefer the advanced capabilities, flexibility and cost model that P2D can deliver.

One of P2D’s large SAP clients was confronting problems in analyzing and matching complex invoices against purchase orders.P2D was brought in to effectively process those invoices with the aid of its AI-powered line item extraction, whilst performing an automated line and header level match to the GRN data, and remedial exception/approval workflows. To deliver its unparalleled 100 percent accuracy level the system’s AI platform also analyzes invoice trends from the suppliers, to identify anomalies in invoice number formats, dates, currencies, and other general patterns. Furthermore, that client is now undertaking its second phase of automation by deploying P2D’s e-invoicing, supplier portal, and PO flip modules across its supplier base.

Scripting many similar success stories, the company focuses on continuing to build a strong foothold in the marketplace. P2D aims to incorporate new features such as re-packaging its enterprise-level staff expense claim system as a plug-in module for its wider SME client base; and to grow its reputation globally through continued innovation in AI processing. Colla is quick to point out though that whilst P2D is heavily invested in being at the sharp end of innovation and R&D, its approach to business is somewhat softer “We pride ourselves on delivering a customer experience that is second to none, by listening intently to our clients, delivering what they need, providing unrivalled support levels, and by being fully flexible. This, coupled with our powerful solutions, means our customers are happy, and our customers are long-term.” He adds “We believe P2D’s service delivery has a perfect balance of cutting-edge innovation in AI and highly-personalized levels of customer support.”