Sciomagis: Streamlining Content Management and Digital Processes

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Sciomagis: Streamlining Content Management and Digital Processes

CIO VendorDavorin Anton Dumancic, CEO and Founder
As content management and digital processes are growing rapidly, there is a continuous need to implement new IT functionality to handle the ever-growing content volume and legal requirements, particularly GDPR. At the same time, it is crucial for organizations to design IT infrastructure that processes new applications and ways end-users consume them. This has challenged organizations with two opposite requirements: business department needs to adopt new functionality immediately at the lowest possible cost, while IT, constantly understaffed, needs to provide it on a limited budget. Sciomagis solves these challenges through its general purpose approval system, Sky.Flow platform with Sky Account.Payable system that is ready-to-use, GDPR compliant and can be adjusted when needed at minimal cost and with minimal IT involvement.

Sciomagis brings to the market new ways of using data to identify business predictions, model business requirements, and implement them through its Sky.Flow platform and accounts payable system, leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine, and deep learning. Davorin Anton Dumancic, CEO and founder of Sciomagis, believes that to streamline content management and digital processes, it is essential to select accounts payable as the first process while implementing a document management system. This is because of the numerous complexities in the accounts payable process. “Along with the rising number of documents, processing accounts payable is a complex and time-consuming chain of activities leading to an increased need to be more efficient insolvency planning, and complying with the legislative requirements of duly paying the bills.” Sciomagis rightly addresses this need through its Sky.Flow platform that is designed with a goal of a fast and efficient implementation of a document management system and business processes in organizations. As a production-ready system, SciomagisSky. Flow platform with ap.GO solution offers a compelling user interface that implements best-of-breed technologies optimized for account processing while reducing the complexity of a document management system.

As a production-ready system, Sciomagisap. GO offers a compelling user interface that implements best-of-breed technologies optimized for account processing while reducing the complexity of document management system

With the evolving requirements of an organization, ap.GO can easily be catered to those changes through its template-based signing process which enables users to change the handling of invoices with few clicks and on the fly. To further empower users to easily and dynamically change processing of the document, ap.GO system enables them to modify ongoing approval processes by adding approving activities – either by forwarding request to other users or by adding users for pre-approval. This not only enables users to dynamically change the process for each invoice but also reduces the problem of the implementation of the system in the new organization.

ap.GO has helped many organizations across government and private sectors, ranging from manufacturing to financial and food processing. One such beneficiary was Podravka, a leading European food brand with records pertaining to employee salary data, spread across several books. When Podravka had to provide superannuation data as a part of its obligation to Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, archives had to be searched manually which was cumbersome. Sciomagis was brought onboard to digitize Podravka’s employee salary data archive for a 30 year period, which was carried out with the utmost dedication and professionalism under Dumancic’s stewardship. Using ap.GO, Sciomagis delivered results prior to the deadline, surpassing expectations. Besides, Dumancic and his team are strongly recommended by numerous companies and governments such as the Croatian Ministry of Justice, Lactalis group, Municipality of Rijeka, Croatian Postal Bank, and Art Royale.

Sailing ahead, Sciomagis is working towards enhancing its Sky.Flow platform in supporting new technologies and business application. From the technological standpoint, the company is currently working on using block-chain technologies to support a higher level of authenticity to business process transactions, and voice recognitions to enable easier use. On the business side, these technologies are being implemented in applications like contract and order management, HR digitalization that will be an essential part of Sciomagis Sky.Flow platform.