Fostering a High-Growth Mindset Through Collaboration

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Fostering a High-Growth Mindset Through Collaboration

Sandeep Pisipati, CFO, Coyote Logistics

Sandeep Pisipati, CFO, Coyote Logistics

As Coyote Logistics’ newly appointed Chief Financial Officer, collaboration with both internal and external thought leadership is key to my work in the dynamic world of third-party logistics (3PL). I joined Coyote just under a year ago when I had the opportunity to meet our CEO, Jonathan Sisler, along with the extended senior management team. What made my discussions with Jonathan unique was the fact that he held the position of Coyote’s CFO for seven years before he eventually took the top job. So, in many ways, it was like he was handing me his baby!

I bring over 15 years of progressive experience in high-growth environments to Coyote, most recently at a publicly-traded healthcare services company. I served internationally in Europe and APAC, leading financial due diligence for 13 acquisitions, three of which were new market entries. I was fortunate enough to work in this high-growth, fast-paced, cross-functional, and entrepreneurial environment before joining Coyote. This happens to be very similar to the environment at Coyote, so the transition was relatively easy. It felt like I belonged here all along.

While evaluating the opportunity, there were three attributes I valued most about Coyote:

1) The structure, performance, and incredible growth prospects of the 3PL industry as a whole. This industry is expected to witness significant growth over the next decade, driven largely by the demands of e-commerce. It always helps to be part of an organization that is swimming with the tide. The fact that Coyote is a leader in this space and has doubled its earnings during the last five years is simply the cherry on top.

2) An entrepreneurial, can-do spirit is crucial for success. This is an important factor for me, and it was the common thread connecting all the people I met with from Coyote when starting my journey here. The remarkable culture that the company has built is truly unique, as evidenced by the numerous “Best Companies to Work For” and “America’s Best Midsize Employers” awards that Coyote has won consistently year after year. Although the company is forward-thinking in terms of its tech innovation, my two favorite things about Coyote – without the slightest bit of hesitation – are its incredible culture and wonderful, talented people. No question.

3) The partnership is an important aspect of collaboration – and it’s one to take advantage of. The fact that Coyote became a UPS company in 2015 has led to opportunities that have added scale and depth to Coyote’s portfolio of global services.

Being the CFO of a global logistics company, particularly in the 3PL space, is unique due to the volatility of the market. Macroeconomic factors can easily impact short-term results, so even in a fast-paced environment, respect for the industry and staying focused on the long-term goals are a must. To navigate the industry, I find it critical to be willing to learn. I think of myself as a lifelong learner, always looking to gain insights and expertise with each role. In my first 180 days at Coyote, I invested a significant amount of time in learning not just the industry, but specifically Coyote’s core strengths and priorities for the next 12 months and beyond. Bringing this mindset into Coyote, and this industry will hopefully set the company and me up for success.

To keep up with the extraordinary growth at Coyote, an important objective for my team and the company as a whole is to fortify structure, process, and procedure. It is crucial to strike the right level of standardization without diluting the entrepreneurial mindset present here. Another core focus is to achieve the right balance of governance and guidance. For others in my situation, my advice is to not go into a new role with this balance predetermined. Take time to understand the company culture and the structure of various teams. From there, implement the balance that works best for both.

Now, almost a full year into my journey at Coyote, I am invigorated with the opportunities at this organization that can be realized by integrating finance with the business. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity, and in my role, I will always strive to ensure Coyote’s continued success.

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